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Structural Steelwork Manufacturers in Sevenoaks

Aspect Metalcraft are a long established structural steelwork manufacturers in Sevenoaks, situated in Hailsham, Sussex. As metalworkers our team are long established, we offer high quality solutions for designed metal and steelwork applications. We design to your specifications any and all kinds of fabricated steel sections for all your structures and architectural needs.

If you would like to have a professional quote specially tailored to meet your building steelwork needs or want to get in touch to find out what our professional structural steelwork manufacturers in Sevenoaks can do, we look forward to hearing from you for a conversation and new and returning customers get great quality solutions, call us on 01323 849565.

As trusted and experienced structural steelwork manufacturers in Sevenoaks we produce all the shapes and sizes of portal frames, fabricated steel and beams. We make the steel supports for any size of external and internal stair cases and fire escapes, balustrades and mezzanine floors, balconies, plus steel railings, steel gates, plus solar panel farms, balconies, and M&E Pipework demands. all around East and West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London.

Our teams adhere to all legislated Health & Safety Standards on site. We produce CAD drawings to facilitate site working and general arrangements, and we offer provision of quotes in writing can be supplied from your drawings, sketches, even bills of quantities structural engineers’ calculations. Our structural steelwork manufacturers in Sevenoaks fabricate parts and hold them here for client collection or make and complete the installation on site for clients.

Aspect Metalcraft in Hailsham, Sussex can be contacted for gates and railings for any domestic, commercial or industrial project, galvanized, primed or powder coated, in a range of colours. As structural steelwork manufacturers in Sevenoaks we manufacture internal steel stair cases and fire escapes we offer designs for simple steel staircases, split or multi flight. If you need vertical fixed Cat Ladders to get onto high spots such as roofs, silos, towers in safety. These are finished off with a coating of your choice.

When it comes to practical and cost-effective steelwork with safe and strong steelwork installations or brand new, bespoke steelwork designs to your steelwork requirements, come to Aspect Metalwork today. Our helpful structural steelwork manufacturers in Sevenoaks have a combined experience of over 60 years in the industry. Our personal Director-led services bringing high standards and precision so contact us for our detailed drawings, fabrication and installation services.