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Structural Steel Mountings for Solar Panels

Structural Steel Mountings for Solar Panels 29 June

Structural Steel Mountings for Solar Panels

Are you Looking For Structural Steel Mounting Frames for a Solar Panel Array? 

Aspect help to design and build the framework or mountings for solar panel arrays (or solar ’farms’) which are often set up in repurposed agricultural fields to generate electricity from the sun and may comprise hundreds or even thousands of solar panels depending on the space allowed.  Solar farms are an effective source of electricity when the sun is out; the electricity generated via solar panels is then transmitted to a power bank of batteries, which stores the electricity for later release or transmits it directly to the electricity grid.  The solar panels and wiring are protected from animal activity such as rabbits, deer etc chewing the wiring.  The solar panels in the solar farm can be further supported by wind turbines.  Aspect will fabricate the ground based steel mounting frames you need to support your solar PV panels at the correct height from the ground.  To support solar panels you need structural steel mountings that are guaranteed to withstand a wind force of 55 metres per second.  Aspect can provide the steel mounts that are required, fabricated in our workshops and delivered to site, or arrange to load the finished product onto your own pickup, to be installed by either ourselves or your own people in situ.

Longlasting Stuctural Steel for Solar Panels

Structural steel mountings are appropriate for any external situation, and can be manufactured in our workshops and brought to the site for erection, in liaison with your solar panel supplier.  The steel tubes for the mountings can be round or square and these comprise the base of the solar panel mounting frame.  From there the solar panel is attached to the wide flange beams (or I beams) which are also made of steel.  

Competitive Pricing, Expert Structural Steel Fabrication Services

Aspect are happy to visit and quote for all your structural steel mountings for solar panels for large and small solar farms and wind turbines on agricultural land.  Please note that we do not supply fittings for domestic roofs at this time. Also note that Aspect do not supply solar panels but only the solar panel mounting frames; if you are thinking of installing solar panels on your property, to power farm buildings, or a larger area then you must discuss the optimal area and installation required with your solar panel supplier. As a rough guide, an installation for a solar farm for every 1KW of electricity produced, requires an area of about 100 square feet. 

Call Aspect for a Quote for Solar Panel Mountings in Structural Steel

Aspect are happy to quote for the design and fabrication of your support structures for the solar panels and any other structural steelwork you may require.   Contact us for further information, as our Directors will be happy to visit to discuss your needs.

In most cases we are asked to manufacture, deliver, and erect components on a prepared base on site. Where this comprehensive service is required we co-ordinate our work so that our role is completed on time and without disruption to other site activities.  Deliveries of components are accurately scheduled to fit in with the erection sequence, thus eliminating the need to find large storage space on what may be a restricted building site.