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Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors Make More of Tall Spaces

We fabricate bespoke mezzanine floors to house extra space in areas that can accommodate it such as warehouses, that are used for commercial, retail, manufacturing, and meeting places of all kinds. In industrial facilities the mezzanine floor offers possibilities of space for extra storage, or manufacturing areas, extra room for modular offices, distribution facilities or gives expanded floor space for extra retail areas in large units without having to actually expand the premises. Mezzanine floors incorporate stairs and transfer points, and can be either fixed or free-standing and modular to offer a flexible and movable structure that helps you design and adapt your building or warehouse, add or take away units according to your needs.

Particularly a feature of some barn conversions, but also in a few smaller homes, and modern city flats, the mezzanine floor can also gain more space without expensively extending the property, providing a private raised corner space for a bedroom, hobby zone, library etc.

Steel Mezzanine Floors Created in Sussex

Steel Mezzanine floors of many different types and styles can be produced to suit your specifications, finished, primed, galvanised or powder-coated to suit your needs.  We perform the required calculations and test the product and ensure it is risk assessed for load-bearing capacity, and regulations for stability requirements.

All our steel mezzanines are designed and manufactured to the individual specifications of our customers in our workshop in Hailsham, Sussex. Fabricated and installed by experienced operatives, your new feature will adhere to all applicable building regulations, incorporating either railings or toughened or laminated glass panels for safety and privacy panels, with the glass in your choice of colours or either clear or opaque finish.

Call Aspect Metalcraft to design your steel mezzanine floor here - we make and deliver all around the South East.

Mezzanine Floors