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Fabricated Steel & Beams For Builders

Fabricated Steel & Beams For Builders

At Aspect Metalcraft Ltd, we offer a large range of steel fabrication services to industrial, commercial and domestic customers.

We liaise with your team to deliver complete steel structures, plant decks, compound beams and beams with welded flange plates for cavity wall solutions, spliced beams, beam lintels, flitch plates and general steel fabrications - and a great deal more.

We are able to Fabricate Steel to Your Exact Needs.

Steel fabrication is inclusive of any drilling in beam web or flanges for the fitting of timber wall plates and joists, to the client’s exact requirements, plated for beam connection and finished in a number of coatings such a Zinc Phosphate primer, hot dipped galvanizing and powder coatings.

All Fabricated beams are supplied primed with Zinc-rich Phosphate as standard.

Builders: contact Aspect Metalcraft here for a quote for fabricated steel and beam construction.

Fabricated Steel